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I had a good reason for making this face, which I managed to promptly forget… oh well. Maybe it was because my back was hurting? I get this spot between my shoulder blades that pinches something fierce, and I have to throw the full co-codamol at it to get it to sort itself out. I should probably try to do a few stretches, maybe rub some magnesium oil, but at least for the minute? I can pick my knitting up, and that’s pretty good.

It’s also good that, back pinch aside, I’m feeling pretty decent today. As wonderful as it was to see fam yesterday, it is exhausting… I think I mentioned that. It’s not like I had anything strenuous to do today (though I probably should have/should fold some laundry <__<). And I have tomorrow to recover as well, so that’ll do me a world of good. I’m sure having the house mainly tidied is contributing as well. I reminded the girls at dinner that we all need to work hard to try and keep it in this sort of good shape… we’ll see how it goes.

For now, back to zoning out.


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