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Shortly after I went to bed last night, Smaller came through sobbing. I put aside what I was doing and tried to get her settled in next to me/on me/etc. She kept flipping and sobbing, so I asked her what was wrong. She replied in a wail that her tummy was poorly, so I nudged her towards the bathroom. The tl;dr was that her and Z ended up camping down in the lounge after she was a bit ill, and that she ended up spending the day at home with me.

We think that she ate too much yesterday in spite of us telling her to say… not inhale an entire punnet of grapes on top of dinner. So I metered her out at a snackier rate today, which she wasn’t super happy about, but she went along with. She’s been in bright spirits and quite happy, so I’m glad she can go back to school tomorrow. We couldn’t remember if it was 24 hours or 48 hours, but the school confirmed it was the former this morning. Which is good — I don’t think she could handle another day of being cooped up.

And since she *was* cooped up with me, I’m opting to put my ‘day off’ off until tomorrow. I was looking forward to it because heeeey, exhausting weekend, but it made more sense to do things this way around. Then the real question will be whether or not I actually take the time off, or just work at a slower pace… I guess I’ll see what I feel like doing tomorrow.

For now, caffeine. Games.


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