All Fangy and Unimpressed

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I’ve had to make the call to stay in tonight, grr. I’m feeling better than I did when I got up this morning… but that’s really not saying much. Z said firmly and truthfully that hey, if I DID go out, it would wear me out and leave me a lot worse off. He’s right, but it doesn’t change that a part of me wishes I was going out. 🙂

Still, it’s not like I have to go out to knit. I made and got a set of markers up in the store, so I don’t ‘have’ to do that tonight. And for the moment, most of that particular crafting is going into waiting mode while I wait for… *sigh* jewellery-making bits to come in. I was avoiding it because I think that someone would mistake it as a reaching out rather than meeting customer demand, but there you have it. I can’t control what other people think, true or false, but I can concede that I’ve had enough friends/customers comment that my stuff is pretty enough to wear… so wearing will happen. The first and definite commission is a bracelet. It’s nothing fancy, but I’m srs bsns about making sure I do it well and lasting. I’ve also got some of the fishhook earring wossits coming in. They’re supposed to be nickel-free, but I will have to test that myself (aka, put them in my ears and see if I get a reaction). So yanno, that should be fun.

I guess that’s about it. Thought on these things, got some work done, stayed mainly vertical. I guess that’s a success.


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