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Today has been… floofy. I had to check myself at one point to make sure I wasn’t rocking a fever ’cause I was feeling on the edge of hallucination-y. Instead I’m apparently cold-blooded, but never mind. Work got done, writing got done, and I didn’t dissolve into a pile of spittle on my desk. I’m going to call that a victory over the day.

I’m waffling in making stitch markers tonight. I’m tentatively excited about doing the jewellery thing, so I sort of want to wait until that stuff comes in for me to play with. Besides, grinding on with my knitting is productive with promise of future blankets… I like blankets. *pets lap blanket* I will probably pull out the beads and look at them, see if anything inspires me.

For now, I think I’m going to go knit and game and zone out and be tentatively optimistic that my sense of taste is back in time for dinner.


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