So Not Impressed

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So. I went up to bed last night, performed my normal ablutions, and laid down… only to find out that APPARENTLY, I had a head cold just waiting for me to lay down and discover I couldn’t breathe. I managed to get to sleep somehow in spite of having to mouth breathe, and woke up completely crusted up and over. I’ve spent the day sitting here making sad whale noises in an attempt to breathe. A hot bath helped a little bit, but only with the congestion (and seriously, only a little bit). I’ve also been dealing with random bits of quease, so I don’t even know what’s going on, other than my body being super rude.

Having said that, I managed to get the work I wanted done done, so that was yay? April is a slow year end month for us, so it was the work of a day to get the first step in the year end process sorted. And for once, being behind on my normal work is going to work in my favour in keeping me busy until I can do the next stage of things, so yay for that. Between that and the bath I don’t feel like I completely botched up today, ha ha. I’m so floof-brained that I forgot what did make me feel like I’d messed up, but never mind. I guess I should just be happy that on average I remember that it was a productive day rather than what made it ‘bad’.

((The ‘bad’ is probably the whole being sick thing and hoping it passes before tomorrow night… fingers crossed, right?))

Eh, hopefully I’ll feel better after dinner. I’ve not had a proper meal today yet because like… not up to it? I was grateful that my desk has a profusion of snacks, most of them vaguely healthy.  Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow morning after more sleeps? Maybe.

For now, gonna go knit, and think about stitch markers. I should probably get a set made up and stocked tonight to keep interest going.



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