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I had a box of beads come in today, which was yay. I’ve got some goodies up in my shop now, with the lower price of £3.50 for a set of ten. I’m hoping that will entice people to come in and spend money. We’ll see.

We also stopped at Hobbycrack earlier today, but alas? There were no beads crooning at me. I did pick up some storage boxes (like this one pictured), and some split ring pliers. I’d been using tweezers to open the split rings up until now, and that has had a lot of stabbing of the hands. This should, hopefully, be less stabby.

But, miracles of miracles, I left the house even before that. I had a second sale come in Thursday, so I had to wait until this morning for the post office to be open. I got hooked up with a fistful of custom forms upon asking, so that was neat. I’ve not bought any postage to have in the house yet. I’m not 100% against going into the post office itself, but being able to just go to the post box *outside* the post office is even better. Potentially. Of course, I need more orders before this becomes particularly relevant, ha ha.

I realised last night that I actually could hurt myself doing stitch markers, which was a bit of a rude awakening. I triggered all the achy and pain, but thankfully, I could actually knit. I might try to make another set if something jumps out at me, but I might just knit and game instead. I’m definitely taking tomorrow off though; we’re around Z’s parent’s house for Easter dining, so it’ll be lots of chilling out with the family.

For now though, about time to herd the childlings upstairs to bed.


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