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I spent part of this morning trying to tidy and reorganise my desk storage to make space for this whole Etsy shop thing. It’s a good idea in theory, though in practice my desk is currently covered with stuff ’cause I’ve been making and adding markers to the store. I’ve had to make myself stop and take a minute to get ‘chores’ done, like blog entries, ’cause yanno, all the making is delightfully distracting. I’m trying to decide what sort of markers to make next, as I want to try to have a range of different styles available. I’m also hoping that me having some made for larger knitting needles will work in my favour… we’ll see. I’ve not listed the ones I’ve made for 20mm needles yet, but I probably should get them up there. And, of course, I need to do a few more types of crochet markers, as I feel like those are often neglected when it comes to having pretty markers.

That’s pretty much been it today, to my delight. I should probably think about picking up my knitting as well, but I might not either. As long as I’m doing something with my hands and it’s making my brain quiet, then that’s the main thing. First though, pizza. Z got us some Pizza Hut because he’s not up to cooking, and like any of us are going to complain about that (he’s a great cook, but like, eff yeah pizza!).

Right, time to go put that in my face.


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