I Earned This Coffee

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Today, I celebrate my first sale, woo! Granted, it was a custom request that predated me setting up the store, but it also is kind of the thing that nudged me into doing it. Tippy wanted to pay me what my efforts were worth, and I guess I needed that bit of validation to take a big step and *try* to be out there. It’s encouraging me to risk making mistakes, and to try to improve based on said mistakes. I think it’s just the little happiness jolt/thing to focus on my lurking depression needed to whap it back in its corner. 🙂

Other than that, it’s been a weird old day. I’ve been having a problem with the work program, and Z was able to replicate it. I don’t know if he managed to find a solution; I’ve not had a chance to ask him yet. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it makes it harder for me to work ’cause it gives me more chances for my brain to wander off. And then? And then the power went out. It was a widespread outage, and of course, the village is full of rumours as to what’s going on (someone hit a pylon, they’ve brought in generators, etc). All I know is that I hope it stays up long enough for me to get this done, and to get a hot dinner. *chuckles* Still, even with the sky clouding up, I managed to eke out enough light to do some more stitch markers and to sort some beads that came in, so it was productive.

Tonight is knitting, so I should probably fish that out of the pile of stitch marker-making stuff and get that in the bag. Dord!


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