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Today has been a drama of waiting. I was waiting for my TOTALLY GAY storage to be delivered. It started out well with useful tracking information, which I kept a vague eye on. So imaging my surprise when it said it had been delivered and signed for. I messaged Z with a rather florid string of curses, and proceeded to… Read more »

I Earned This Coffee

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Today, I celebrate my first sale, woo! Granted, it was a custom request that predated me setting up the store, but it also is kind of the thing that nudged me into doing it. Tippy wanted to pay me what my efforts were worth, and I guess I needed that bit of validation to take a big step and *try*… Read more »

One of These Things…

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  … is not like the other. One of these things is not a pen. Randomly spotting a set of crochet hooks amongst the pens amused me way more than it probably should have. But as we were on the aisle for pens, I couldn’t resist looking. We’d popped into the store to pick up a birthday card for one… Read more »


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I am… half asleep, so like, hi. I’m here. Have a glass of Roses. Or at least, Roses wrappers, har har. I was jokingly calling them the casualty of war because they were originally strewn across the table, but then they got tidied up and looked randomly attractive. Or something. I don’t know, my brain is asleeeeeeeeeep. Knitting was good… Read more »

Warning: Vacation Imminent

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Which isn’t to say a vacation from blogging — even with being on holiday, I feel that I owe it to myself to get my writing done. It’s just how I do things. 😀 But we *are* heading out on vacation in the next week, which means the boring planning stuff, like packing. Z is handling most of it because… Read more »