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Today has been a drama of waiting. I was waiting for my TOTALLY GAY storage to be delivered. It started out well with useful tracking information, which I kept a vague eye on. So imaging my surprise when it said it had been delivered and signed for. I messaged Z with a rather florid string of curses, and proceeded to prowl around the outside of the house in my PJs to see if someone had dumped the box somewhere. Z and I talked about it, and we opted to wait to call until after the actual time that had been quoted for delivery (some hours after it had been claimed to be delivered). Hobbycrack was super useful when he called, promising to send the order again express once they figured out what happened to it.

What happened to it was builders.

APPARENTLY, I live around the corner from here. One of the neighbours in the street was having some work done, so the builders at their house signed for it and stashed it in their home. One of the residents clocked it was for us and brought it around when she was walking her dog, so all’s well that ends well. And as a weird bonus, we now know that Hobbycrack have good customer service. And now I have more space for my store-related things, so hooray.

And on the store tangent, I am accepting that I need to buy some shipping boxes. I had another large order today, and it left me scrambling for something suitable to send it out in. I ended up grabbing a Hazerbaba box off of my shelf and stuffing it with bubble wrap. I’m pretty sure I did a good job of packing it, but I’m always paranoid about these things. It’s not like getting a handful of decent small boxes is that big of a business expense, so Z and I are gonna look around to see what looks like the best bet. And of course, order a roll of brown paper to replace the one we can’t find. I’m currently using wrapping paper backwards, and it’s kind of hilarious to me.

We’re also, hopefully, gonna sit down and go over the GDPR statement that I need to get up on the shop. It’s a requirement by Friday, and I’ve cheerfully borrowed the example Etsy provides. The main thing I need to check is the data retention requirements for the UK. I think it’s 7 years, but I don’t really know. We’ll figure it out.

And I am gonna scoot now, ’cause I should probably wrangle the children into bedtime prep. Dord!


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