No Comments on Waiting

I am sort of in a not wanting to do the things semi-funk while I wait for the storage drawers to come in. Well. I did the things last night, but I haven’t done anything store-related today. I’m just knitting and gaming, which is fine! It’s the weekend, and I don’t have to grind myself to a nub.

Due to circumstances, I am currently chatting with a lot of my old KoL friends again. It’s nice! We’ve all long since outgrown the game for the most part, but apparently we still have the desire to yanno, connect. I don’t know how long a this thing is gonna last, but it’s pretty awesome for now.

It seems that summer is nudging up on us… so rude. I was sheepish this morning to remember that, oh hey, I have a fan I can turn on to make things better. And I did, and they are, but still. Good job, self. :p

Right, gonna go back to knitting. I’m almost halfway through the next-to-last cake of wool, so. Party.


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