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I got beadmail this morning, yay! I’m super jazzed to have my dice replenished, and I really like these clock charms that I bought as well. I better seeing how I ordered 250 of them. I’ve made another one of the dice bracelets and got that in store, and I’ve made some earrings and stitch markers out of the clocks. I’m not really sure how ’cause I’m having a really shaky day, but still, gold star, pat on back, etc.

We put on the royal wedding for some background earlier. I was very amused at the British response to the head of the Episcopalian church. It was a very po-faced one, as it wasn’t something they would expect oration-wise from the mother church. It was definitely American, it was definitely a nod to her mixed heritage, and it was just… it was sweet. A bit rambly and all of itself, but sweet. The FA Cup match was on and just ended, and I’d commented to Z that between those two, you couldn’t get too much more British a day. Well, there was sunshine all day too which isn’t ‘British’, but anyways.

Right, time to herd children upstairs, and then think about a bit more store crafting before knitting. *nodnods*


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