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Today has been a pretty darn productive day, and doubly so for the fact I got slammed by a brutal headache this morning. Since I’m at the part of the month where catching up with myself becomes possible, I managed to make good headway through my backlog. So that was pleasing, and will put me in good stead for tomorrow.

As for store things, my orders that were supposed to be here today didn’t show up. That was annoying, but not the end of the world. I got a few sets listed, and a new set made. I feel slightly bad for charging more for the set, but they did take me longer to make by dint of time spent in the design process. I know that I worry overmuch about this sort of thing, but I also know that it’s not uncommon amongst small business owners. Still, I make myself charge the fair, more than fair price, and things sell, so I guess it’s alright.

Tonight’s ‘project’ is getting a GDPR statement together for my shop. It’s a requirement if you’re selling to Europe, and there are ridiculous fines threatened if you don’t have one. Which is effin’ ridiculous and doesn’t actually take into account small traders, but that’s often the case with these sort of laws. When the law came in requiring sellers to tax purchasers on their own country’s tax, that sent a lot of people packing up on Ravelry… I’d guess on Etsy as well. It seems to be doing the right thing now in that regard, but still. I’d rather stay on the side of right, even if ‘right’ is ‘really shouldn’t apply to someone making as little as I do’.

*cracks knuckles* Let’s do this.


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