Don’t Be Alarmed

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Smalls had come over for a few minutes to talk, and we ended up doing a few pictures. I don’t do nearly enough photos with her and she loves having a bit of fun, so we got some good silly shots. I like this one for the level of alarm on her face, even though she certainly wasn’t alarmed of anything.

Today has definitely been a productive day. I got 100% caught up with work, which means I don’t have to really worry about doing anything tomorrow, and probably the next day. I’ve already told Z that I’m happily on standby in case they need me to do something, but yanno. I can use that time to work on store stuff, and that’s always useful. I got a new bracelet up today, and I hope to get some more goodies in store tomorrow if my mail ever shows up. Z and I talked about it, and we both think that tomorrow is probably gonna be the day for that. I certainly want to give the time benefit of the doubt on behalf of the seller, since eBayers life and die on positive reviews. I’ve had positive interactions with them before, so.

Right, gonna go knit and stare at the beads I have.


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