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Today, the boxen I ordered this week came in. As did the 20mm split rings I ordered. Care to guess what still hasn’t arrived? Yup, my order from last week. I ended up sending a message to the seller to see if they knew anything… which of course was before the split rings showed up, making me think I was going to have to dash off a ‘nevermind’, ha ha. I would have been happy to if it meant my order was here, but alas, alas.

Today has been a day of odd productivity. I did the bathing thing that needed doing, but before that I dealt with some security issues with my web space. I’d gotten an email suggesting that my account had been part of a botnet, and while I didn’t navigate to my web hosting via the email, I still did the smart thing and check settings and change passwords. I also helped Z deal with similar stuff, since he also has an account and I could take care of some of the stuff without making him log into the panel. I don’t know why, but it still feels weird to know that of the two of us, I’m the expert. He’s such a smart and methodical person that I was absolutely shocked to realise that he didn’t know rudimentary HTML, for example. That’s on me though; it’s totally weird to presume that everyone in my circle has that ability. He’s learned to do a few bits lately, which I’m proud of him for. I’m proud no matter what, but I certainly celebrate people developing new skills.

It’s knitting tonight, and I have high hopes that I will finish this cake of wool and move on to the last one. I feel like my pace has been improving recently, though I couldn’t tell you why. I mean, the whole ‘practice makes perfect’, sure, but I guess I didn’t expect that to translate into faster knitting yet. Or maybe it’s just because I’m working with chunky wool, which builds up fairly quickly. Whatever the case, yay for feeling accomplished?

Right, gonna go back to knitting and thinking about what next to make for the store. I’m satisfied that I have restocked the sold out items that I could restock, so it’s a matter of deciding what needs putting in next… probably some more types of crochet markers. 🙂


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