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Today, the boxen I ordered this week came in. As did the 20mm split rings I ordered. Care to guess what still hasn’t arrived? Yup, my order from last week. I ended up sending a message to the seller to see if they knew anything… which of course was before the split rings showed up, making me think I was… Read more »

Tick Tick Tick

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I survived today, so have a picture of Smallhausen’s new reading timer. It was a pretty good day all told, never mind I woke up in a lot of pain from sleeping in the wrong bed and getting my head all janked around. I woke up having a big pile of things that needed to go through the wash because… Read more »

Who Hasn’t Heard of Facebook?!

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Howdy, any of y’all actually hanging around these parts. I fail at snark lately. I’ve taken to asking for prompt ideas, so if anyone has something they want me to snark and/or opinionate about, I’ll consider things (though I’m laughing that most of the things my dear friends are suggesting are things they obviously have many words they could say… Read more »