Easter Heroes

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We are currently over at Z’s parent’s house. The girls started off the visit by starting their Easter Egg hunt — before any of the adults could process that they had started it, ha ha. It’s been the usual, pleasant family do though. There’s been food for nibbling on, kids running amok, and general chilling. Z and his dad watched a football match on his phone (prompting him to order a Chromecast so we can actually cast to their tv in future), and now him and the girls are playing Trivial Pursuit. I’m curled up in the lounge with my mother-in-law knitting and chatting. I’ve gently reminded her that she should make a point to get out of the house and come sit around mine sometimes, since she has higher getting out of the house needs than myself. It’s nice though — we rarely get to sit and talk because the girls want their nanny.

And heh, time flies. It’s almost time to get the girls to bed, so I should wrap this up and get people packed up. Hope all of y’all are having a nice Sunday (or whatever you may or may not be celebrating today). I’ve also got some stitch markers to think at, because yanno, I fail at taking a day off. 🙂


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