Stay of Cake-ecution

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The Cakefest fundraiser was originally supposed to be Friday night. I’ve had dreams I’d forgotten to make cakes, so I even remembered to bring my recipe binder through so I could start looking for what recipe (or two) I felt like doing. I saw today that the event has been bumped off to the seventh, so that means I don’t have to bake this week. It also means that I have extra time to get the cardigan done if I want to donate it, yay!

Less yay is that Littler was feeling poorly, and ended up staying home with me. I got to play the role of furniture for large swathes of the day; it didn’t do much for my work productivity, but making sure she was happy and comfortable was more important. She perked up fairly early in the day, but was still quite happy to cling onto me and be in my space. While I normally prefer to keep a large bubble for sanity, I’d managed to get myself into the right mind space to be good and available for her. I’m worn out beyond worn out for it even if I didn’t do anything ‘special’.

Now I’m just waiting for the lumps to settle upstairs; Z had a meeting tonight, so I’m on kid-bed duty. Usually I get them in quickly and they settle quickly, but they’re apparently full of energy and beans today (to quote a friend’s kid). I’ve had to cancel tablet usage for tomorrow morning, and went as far as telling them they were at risk of losing them for the rest of the week if they want to keep carrying on. Sigh. I do try to be patient, but sometimes it’s hard to balance patience with firm. It seems to have worked because things have gotten quiet and settled, so hooray for that.

Right, I am going to get back to enjoying the silence and the football. Spurs are playing a Champions League match right now, not that I got to see the goal. Of course, that happened when I was last upstairs with the girls, because that’s how it works. Oh well! xD



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