It’s For the Birds

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Which is to say, that which is featured in today’s image is. Smallhausen had a school trip to the scout yard as she does pretty much every term, and this was a project they did. It’s got peanuts, raisins, popcorn… all the thing a bird is going to like, right? I just hope that Smalls gets a chance to spot a bird pecking at it.

Also for the birds is feeling sick. I started feeling really really pathetic once the girls went to school; I was worried I was going to have to ask my in-laws to fetch Littler, and possibly keep her as well. I’m not sure how it managed to swing around to vaguely functioning, but it did enough for me to get Littler from school, get her fed, etc. I ended up opting out of working, which Z thought was wise, considering. I didn’t want to make a bunch of mistakes because of inability to focus, thereby rendering me responsible for doing the work over again.

I’ve started to feel worse again as evening drags itself a long, but at least the kids are a welcome, silly distraction. Littler is dancing on the couch to that techno-y gummi bear song from last decade, whilst Smallhausen is studiously playing Roblox on her laptop. I can just see the top of her head over the edge of my laptop, which makes me smile. We like sharing desk space like this. Plus yanno, get to see her up close and adorable.

Anyways, fingers crossed that tomorrow is a better feeling day, neh? 🙂


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