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Bright Light

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Today’s picture comes to you via Littlerbit deciding she was the one taking the picture. She managed to crank the exposure right up, so we look even paler than we actually are (which, to be fair, is pretty damned pale). I was actually trying to get a picture with both of the girls, as I have less pictures of Smallhausen,… Read more »

Not Enough Popcorn

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We came, we voted, we… got a hung Parliament. I’m somehow okay with this — to a point. That Despicable May has chosen to form a government with the DUP, and not even able to make a ‘proper’ coalition of it… well. As people pointed out today, the fact she’s having to rely on non-English MPs for various legislation makes… Read more »

Nearly, but Not Quite!

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Looking at the ball of wool, and looking at the first sock, I think I can safely say that they’re not going to end up near identical. I’m fine with that though, more than fine with it. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it any number of times, but one of the joys of variegated wools (to me) is the little… Read more »


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Yes, the sky was actually that bright and blue without me needing to help it. In fact, I couldn’t actually see what I was trying to photograph when I did — because it was too bright for me to be able to see my phone properly. So yanno, lucky me that a semi-decent picture came of it, ha ha Really… Read more »


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If there is one thing that continues to delight me about living in the United Kingdom, it’s that there are a metric crapton of rainbows. And it doesn’t matter how many there are, because each one makes me jump up and take pictures and make happy noises. Realising this one was a double, of course, way notched up the excitement…. Read more »

Mana From the Heavens

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Yeah I know, it’s ‘manna‘, but mana is magic and a good rainfall after waiting for ages is magical. The weather has been much nicer today, though it did amuse me how it seemed to have universally tricked parents. When I went to get Littler from school, I took coats for both of them because they’d gone in without, and… Read more »


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I don’t know if I can call it rain per se, but some amount of water has forced itself out of the sky, grudgingly. The weather still claims that we’ll see some rain today, but. *shrugs* I am not complaining. It’s been cooler, I’m comfortable, and able to wear an extra layer. Heck, I even was able to sleep under… Read more »

One of These Things…

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  … is not like the other. One of these things is not a pen. Randomly spotting a set of crochet hooks amongst the pens amused me way more than it probably should have. But as we were on the aisle for pens, I couldn’t resist looking. We’d popped into the store to pick up a birthday card for one… Read more »

It’s Actually Happening

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I know, I know, I keep going on about how the socks are going to be the same colour, but it blows my mind for some reason. I guess that I both amaze and amuse easily? I guess also in part because I wonder if it’s going to happen again with the next skein. I suspect that I will be… Read more »

Другой День, Другой Доллар

Or, in English — ‘Another day, another dollar’. That is never more true than on the first working day of the month. A new month means doing year end accounts for anything ending the previous month, and those need to be done as fast as possible. There’s only three from May, and I’ve got two of them pretty much turned… Read more »