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Smallhausen decided that the window in the stairwell needed a dinosaur yesterday. I commend her choice, as it makes me smile every time I go past. After all, what enhances a household better than a randomly stationed dinosaur? Very little, I’d say. Today has been better, insomuch that the headache was managed with meds, instead of being so bad that… Read more »


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I have somehow survived another day home with the kids. Heh, that makes the situation sound a lot worse than it was. They’re good kids who love to play with each other, but I keep having this stupid persistent throbbing headache, and it doesn’t mesh well with boisterous babes. I pulled Smallhausen over at one point and gave her hugs… Read more »

That’s Better (Cry It Out)

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As you can see, the sock is now moving in the right direction after I effed it up last night. At least that’s one thing going in my favour right now. Not going in our favour as of this second is trying again to get Littlerbit sleep trained. We had a specialist in this morning (gratis on the NHS, love… Read more »

Turn Turn Turn

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I’ve been cheerfully working on my knitting today. It’s been a good distraction (along with video games) to my continually feeling crap. Stupid cold resurging or something, am I right? Of course, I got ahead of myself on my knitting, as pictured here. I tried to turn the heel without actually doing the heel. At least it wasn’t too much… Read more »

What Is This Even

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One thing that is great about ordering a curry is that we have to order two night’s worth to actually get anyone to deliver to us out here in the ‘boonies’. I ate well here on day two, probably a bit more than I should have. But that doesn’t explain why I’ve been slammed by a huge wave of dizzy…. Read more »

*Throws Confetti*

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I ended up working a lot longer today than I thought I was going to be working, but I am in really freaking, caught up to where I want to be caught up shape. I’m still going to have to put in a few hours next week and the week after in preparation for how slammed we get in January…. Read more »

A Very Rogue-ish Day

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Yes, we went and saw Rogue One. Yes, it was good. Very good! I won’t say anything more than that, because I think that spoilers are a right asshole move. If anyone *does* want to talk to me about it, feel free to drop me a line via the contact form. Otherwise, I am going to be refraining from public… Read more »

I Shall Love Him, and Call Him George

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George Jefferson Rainbow Brite Bunny Rabbit, to be precise. What can I say, other than I named him for two shows/characters I rather liked when I was 4 or 5. Yes, I liked The Jeffersons that much, not that I could tell you anything about it now, ha ha. bat had wanted people to post nice pictures of themselves with… Read more »

Werk It

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Today has been a good day in the work sense. Littlerbit was cooperative in getting down for a nap, I got my writing done, and I got lots of work done. I ended up working fairly late all told, but I didn’t mind. I want very much to get as caught up as possible by the end of this week,… Read more »

Easily Pleased

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She isn’t the only one that is easily pleased, ha ha. Her specific reason for being pleased here though was that she had gone upstairs and dragged her duvet down. She brings her father’s bathrobe every night for him to cuddle up on while they’re hanging out on the couch, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she chose to up… Read more »