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Today has been a good day in the work sense. Littlerbit was cooperative in getting down for a nap, I got my writing done, and I got lots of work done. I ended up working fairly late all told, but I didn’t mind. I want very much to get as caught up as possible by the end of this week, and that is going to be stymied slightly by us not working Thursday. Why, you might ask? Well obviously, because of Rogue One. ‘But Raeyn!’ you might say, ‘It doesn’t come out until Friday!’ Hahaha, maybe in your loser country. Episode VII premiered a day earlier here, as does Rogue One. We’re in for 11am, which is technically the third showing, but it’s the first 2D one that we can make (being too old and too child-having to want to deal with a midnight showing).

I’m also making slow progress on Pokémon Moon. I’m in that ‘about to go to the Pokémon League analogue ‘ grinding phase of things. I’m probably grinding harder than is required, but eh. Better safe than sorry, I reckon. I’ve got the first two of the three Alola starters ground up to a decent level, and I’m doing the third right now. Not gonna lie, I am adoring the type mixtures between the three of them. A lot of things about this generation is making me reconsider what types I take with me. I’ve seriously had a poison-type in my party the entire run so far — that NEVER happens. But I was utterly charmed the Alola regional variant of Grimer/Muk. There’s also the ice-type regional variants that made me super-squee before the game was out, but I’ve not played with those yet. Soooooon.

Back to that.


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