Easily Pleased

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She isn’t the only one that is easily pleased, ha ha. Her specific reason for being pleased here though was that she had gone upstairs and dragged her duvet down. She brings her father’s bathrobe every night for him to cuddle up on while they’re hanging out on the couch, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she chose to up her game. I love that about kids though — they don’t know that they’re not ‘supposed’ to be strong enough to do these things, so they do the things.

Past that, I did my best to do nothing until this evening. This evening, Smallhausen’s class had their ‘Candles by Candlelight’ show at the church. Smalls did a great job presenting her line and singing the songs, and not gonna lie — we were ALL relieved that the 45 minutes we had been told it would be was more like 20 minutes. Since we had to leave Littler at her grandparent’s house because we were told two people per child, we stopped back there after and the girls had some ice cream. I sat around grumbling at a pulled muscle in my chest that’s been bothering me since the cold started kicking in. I ended up taking some codeine shortly after we got back home. It’s still tender, but it’s a wee bit better. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it tomorrow, but I can only guess that it will include more Deep Heat and more codeine.

For now though, more Pokemon and zoning out.


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