A Very Rogue-ish Day

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Yes, we went and saw Rogue One. Yes, it was good. Very good! I won’t say anything more than that, because I think that spoilers are a right asshole move. If anyone *does* want to talk to me about it, feel free to drop me a line via the contact form. Otherwise, I am going to be refraining from public discussion until after the weekend at the absolute earliest.

After the movie, we had to pick up some Christmas gifts from Mothercare. Mothercare is in the same shopping centre as a Hobbycraft, and I’d told Z that I wanted to stop in and see if I could find something that I could use to make stitch markers. I’m quite pleased with how they came out. They’ll only work for 4.5mm needles or smaller, but that’s cool. I’ve packed some up to give to Bev. Z is dropping off some wool I caked for her, so I tossed in a little organza bag with a few tucked in, as well as a Christmas card. I hope that she likes them. I don’t know that I am going to give out too many more of them. I don’t have a lot a lot to go around… well. There’s approximately 55 left, and I put in five for her, so that leaves another 11 to go around if I split them the same way. Obviously, I’d like to keep 5-10 for myself, though I guess if I give them all out (less five or so), then it would give me an excuse to make more… hrm… *whistles*

Speaking of excuses, I’m going to buy myself a skein of fancy-ass sock wool. Deramores currently has £1 shipping on orders under £25, and there’s some really nice sock wool on sale right now. I’m looking to get some SweetGeorgia Bulletproof Sock; it costs a little more than I wanted to spend, but there’s a better choice in colourways if I spend that few extra pounds. We’ll see. Z is cheerful at the idea of me spending the monies from my ‘commission’ to get some fancy sock wool as a treat.

And at this moment, treating myself is better than actually knitting. I woke up this morning to find out that my left side was feeling much better, while my right side was furiously angry at me. It’s a bit better here at the end of the day, so hopefully it’ll feel better tomorrow with a knit-free evening. Fingers crossed, eh?


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