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img_20161201_170537368As of today, I can report that my Pokédex is properly, 100% complete… as of the last generation of games, Generation VI. I still find it funny that I found it easier to gather 721 Pokémon, to include all Mythicals, than I did the original 151. Having said that, the Global Trade System and Wonder Trade functions in Generations VI and VII are amazing and make short work of filling in those tricky gaps, as is being able to trade directly with friends around the world. Which reminds me *puts friend codes on Facebook*

The health visitor came today, annoyingly promptly, also coinciding with Littlerbit running to hide upstairs and me trying to find her. It was a good hour and change of chatting and making sure that we were on the same page in regards to our situation and the children. I got a lot of unexpected reassurance that I was doing a great job, especially with having chronic illnesses and being limited in what I can and can’t do. I said way too freaking much about my history in my overly candid fashion, but I think it probably worked in my favour to explain why the accusations especially hurt. But anyways, the final tally was that she recommended we contact her co-workers who focused on toddler sleep to try and work on improving our battle plan for the Christmas holidays, and we are certainly going to consider that.

Really though, I feel better now that it’s over. Not relief exactly, just… it was an edifying tete a tete. It took a long time for me to be able to take reassurance without feeling pitied or vulnerable. To come out of something potentially stressful feeling positive was just super empowering. It’s a reminder that I’m doing good on my personal quest of self-improvement.

Right, back to Pokémons. 😀


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