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img_20161202_102831080_hdrToday was one of those rare days that I was in the office properly. There is a single November year end account, so I figured it would be a good idea to go in and work through it with my hand held. I’m going to go back in in January for a few days for the same reason. And while it took me longer than I thought to get through it, it still got done in spite of me not having my semi-complete notes. But eh, it’s done except for one minor question, and then we can all get stuck into this month’s workload with minimum delay.

Now, if it were just a few hours in the office, that would be one thing. We also were going into town properly to do a bit of shopping for Smallhausen’s birthday. Her grandparents have bought her a 2DS pre-loaded with Pokémon Sun, so we wanted to find a few games to contribute from ourselves. Z’s walking pace was, to my bemusement, faster than I could match. Like, it used to not be a problem, but it was obviously a problem today. Having said that, I do have a cold, so I’m not going to beat myself up overmuch. We managed to find a few games that we thought were likely for a reasonable price, and then…



Love was waiting for us outside of the game shops in the form of a food truck, hee hee. We’ve had El Picante once before when they were new to the area, and it was pretty good. I think we were waiting for a million years, but yanno, we’re talking freshly made on site food. I was sad that they didn’t have any steaky-beeves, but the chicken was great (and seasoned well by hunger). I surprised myself by eating all the things, ha ha. I’m still pretty full and saving tonight’s leftovers for tomorrow. I doubt anyone reading this is local to me, but if you are, it’s definitely a good place to get a bite to eat.

Anyways. I am feeling way run down. I’m hoping that I feel a bit better after getting some sleep, but for now — gaming and Dr. Pepper. *nodnods*


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