Another Hot Date (Misery Incarnate)

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img_20161203_201332887I have had a cold developing over the last couple of days. I went to bed with Sir Olbas Oil last night, and woke up feeling pretty rough. I’ve had some chest pain the last couple of days which I presumed was bra-related, so I decided to go without today (weekend slobbing, aww yiss?). It doesn’t seem to have helped, so instead I’ve had a heating pad on my chest all day. Z pointed out that I would probably be doing better if I had some Vicks on me, so I guess I’ll have to figure out where that got to and get some slathered on. I thought I was doing okay, but then we had a Skype date with my sister. It was nice finally getting to ‘meet’ her beautiful son, but apparently the entire experience gave me a blinding headache and made me feel worse. Worth it, though I’ll be happy when the paracetamol kicks in and takes the edge off of my pain.

But yeah, writing… not gonna happen. I’m going to hunker down and just like, continue level-grinding in Pokémon.


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