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img_20161130_203029276I just got back from our annual Stitch ‘n Bitch Christmas dinner. And while I had intended to share a picture of my meal, I can’t. I ate so much that thinking about or looking food is making my gorge rise. But man, worth it. Herd puts on a good Christmas dinner. And! We were apparently their first Christmas dinner group booking, so they got a dry run with our annoying selves. We were assured that we were no problem on the whole, but still. We couldn’t even tell them how many people were going to be there, ha ha.

The dinner includes an exchange of gifts, Secret Santa style. There’s a price limit, and it’s a blind grab out of a bag. I ended up with, amusingly, the exact wool I’m knitting in — one ball in the same shade, and one in another. It means I am once again failing in clearing a section of my stash, but never mind. It’s a really pleasant wool to knit with, so I’m not going to complain about having more to work with.

Anyways, that’ll do for now. I need to throw myself in bed and hope that food coma takes me under for a good night’s sleep. I lost some sleep this morning because I had to help herd Poison into her carrier at seven-something this morning for an ultrasound. She’s fine by the by; the official diagnosis is ‘old’ and ‘has a tiny bladder’. And what’s more, she was a good girl and didn’t need sedation, saving us £70 from what has already been a costly bit of care. But we’re happy our girl is feeling so much better and is so much happier.

There’s also that visit with the health visitor tomorrow… I think it’s going to go fine, but fingers crossed and all that, yeah? Ta.


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