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They Know

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Smalls amused me earlier by commenting that they thought October looked sad. In almost the same breath, she haw haw’d that Halo is ‘getting his balls chopped off’. Yup, tomorrow is Cone of Shame day. I look forward to seeing how adorable October looks in her little onesie we bought her. Today I am… hard to explain. Worn thin a… Read more »


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Halokitty has been mugging all around the house today. I have taken a slightly ungodly number of pictures of him, but hey — he’s more than due. For such a handsome boy, I definitely don’t get as many pictures of him as I do of his sister. It’s Mother’s Day/Mothering Sunday here, so doing the cheerful bare minimum. Mum came… Read more »


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So uh, I apparently started making another blanket. Can’t have enough socks, can’t have enough blankets. And I’m doing this with leftover sock yarn, so best of both worlds. Been a good day on the whole. I’m *finally* starting to look caught up with work stuff. I’ve been putting in a little bit of extra time lately, and managed some… Read more »

Two’s Company

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My environs have sprouted cats. I am delight. Plus yanno, they’re in display mode, which works best with the fact I’m feeling a bit brain dead and all of that. Which is fine, it’s the right end of the day to feel that way. We’re just watching The Last of Us (having waited until season one was complete), and I’m working… Read more »

Three Cat Pile-Up

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I ceded my worktable to October today, to include putting the blanket her foster mum sent her with on said table. She had some lovely naps, yanno, until brothers came to sit on her and generally demand attention. I was bemused to see how they managed to defy the the laws of space-time to cram into such a tiny space…. Read more »

She’s Helping

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I had to do some product photos today. Which means, of course, October decided to nap on my back table. And then tried to get into my lightbox once she left Napville, but only made it in once. She got bored before I actually got out the tiny things into the box properly. But yeah, my brain is pure mush… Read more »


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I’ve been spending my time today in that leisurely split between gaming, and making a few bits for my shop. I’m feeling a bit wibbly right now… have I overdone it, or is vertigo just being a dick? No idea. I’ve taken anti-vertigo meds, and I should probably take something for the headache I’ve been trying to ignore all day…. Read more »

Helper Cat

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I was retaking those photos I needed to do, which meant that the requisite cat eventually showed up in my lightbox. Little Miss October decided she was going to fill the role. And now just keeps popping onto the table to find things to knock off… cats, innit. But yeah, photos redone, currently editing through them. I think they’re going… Read more »