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Despite what this picture might indicate, three cats don’t fit that well on top of the bookshelf. But since they were all standing up instead of anyone laying down, and them nearly on top of each other, it worked for a little bit. I was mainly amused at Raven hiding between the kittens — as if they could prevent who… Read more »

Snow Day

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Well, winter has indeed made its return, and we’ve had bits of snow off and on all day. We had enough as the sun was setting to actually get some to stick to the ground. It’s supposed to snow quite a bit overnight, so it’ll be interesting to see what sort of mess we’ll wake up to. Mum is attempting… Read more »

Wishy Washy

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Z wanted to jetwash the car, and I wanted a few bits from Tesco, so we had ourselves a little outing. I got a BLT for lunch because guaranteed tomatoes; I couldn’t resist thumbing my nose at the current supermarket vegetable shortages. Plus, Tesco do a nice BLT. Pre-made sandwiches here are really good on the whole. But also, more… Read more »

Foot Trap

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I woke up this ‘morning’ to find all four cats on my feet. Well. I woke up quite a few times and went back to sleep, because Sunday and I could. But they were all there by the time I finally started properly stirring, which, sweet. Nothing like seeing the entire clowder in the same square nearly on top of… Read more »

Nap Stealth -1

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I’m not completely sure how the cats’ tunnel ended up in my bedroom. I don’t know why I toss it on my bed every morning. Well. I guess I sort of do — assorted cats like to nap in it. There’s a little hole midway along the tunnel, and various bits of Vivi were sticking out over the day. I… Read more »


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Or ‘Me looking pensive, but actually covering a spot on my chin’. Lulz. 😀 So yeah, another week in the bag… that happened quickly. Doesn’t feel like I got up to much, but then, I probably didn’t. Yanno, the Never-ending Adventures of Being Housebound, ey? I make the most of it, and I do have a good time on the… Read more »


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Lookit, I went outside. Sunlight. Bah. I ended up being out more than I expected to be, which was sort of nice. We had an acquaintance going around to Mum’s house to make an offer on Dad’s coin collection. I offered to tag along to be a strong young back, but ended up being more an emotional support shoulder. So… Read more »