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I was rather amused to find Raven standing so close to Poison, and her just kind of shrugging and pretending he wasn’t. Plus, lookit that boy — he’s getting so big. They both are. Still kittenish in build and behaviour, but yeah… scaling up, and up, and up, and just looking increasingly large. They’ve fully moved on to the adult food and refuse to eat the baby food, and boy, do they eat.

We’ve had company around today, which has gone quickly and been lovely. I finished the leather flag, and rather than starting stitching another one, I designed the next Sweary Fruit. R is a great cheerleader, which helped me ignore brain garbage and just go for it. Now my brain is a bit fried, but at least it’s a productive fried.

Right, got to remember how to tell the pattern to make the backstitch single thread, though double thread wouldn’t do it any harm either. If I can get my brain to work for a few minutes, ha ha.


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