Vivi No

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Z has been making a point to make sure that Poison has food upstairs, because the boys are little food Hoovers. While I’ve not seen the boys try to take her food, this picture is just so… Vivi, no. *chuckles*

I managed to rub my brain together and get some edits to my cross-stitch listings completed. I was adding half-stitches I’d left out previously, updating the headers to show the correct website, and getting the new fruit I finished yesterday listed. I feel like I’m starting to run out of both fruits and swears, but my next planned range is vegetables with old-timey words (like ‘zounds!’, etc). I still hope I can manage a pear, even if my brain hasn’t found the path there. Well, and there’s a few other fruits/fruit-like objects I’d like to do, if I can pair… we’ll see.


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