Coming Out

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The new furkids continue adjusting apace. They’ve spent today napping under the brown couch by me, which is easy to reach under and give them tiny pets. I’ve managed to pick up both of them for little snuggles today, so it’s all progress. I’m keeping their foster mum in the loop, and she gave me a massive compliment in saying that I know cats well. I mean, I do think I do! But hearing it from someone who fosters and spends a lot of time weeding through potential parents for furbabies was really nice.

Past that, dice shopping. I found out the hard way that the light blue ones I use for the trans flag are out of stock most places. I found a place that let me order 100, but we’ll see if that goes through. I’ve got more that I need to order, but I’m trying to slap my hand to not go over the top either.

Anyhoos, onward, upward, etc.


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