Brimful of Kitten

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The BBs have done a lot of their napping out in the open today. Earlier, Raven was on my table at the back, and Vivi on the boxes underneath. It’s the sunny side of the house during the morning, so they were having a nice absorb. Vivi is currently napping there on the cat tree, while Raven is under the couch. I’ve managed to get some pets and cuddles in with both of them, to include a good 15 minutes of Vivi rolling around my lap purring. We are super in love with the boys, and I’m glad it’s coming along.

Past that, just getting my ducks in order for next week’s Etsy strike. I’ve got a modified version of my banner ready, which really, that’s the main thing. I’m going to probably deactivate all my listings rather than Vacation Mode… we’ll see. I want to believe it will make Etsy sit up and take notice, but it probably won’t. Gotta try though.


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