Spotted in Town

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Z spotted this beauty when we were on the way home from work last night. I lucked out that it ended up turning in front of us so I could attempt to get a picture. It’s not the best picture because my phone was in the process of shutting down due to low battery, so. But at least you can tell what it is, right? xD

((It’s the A-Team. Obviously!))

As for today, I’ve had a Z at home with me. His parents had a sore throat and cough last week, and it’s his turn. I’m hoping it skips me, ’cause being sick atop the rest of my mess is insult to injury. As it were, I’ve been dealing with the insult of low-grade nausea for what, the past week? It’s not dire, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

It’s probably stress-related, considering there are quite a few things pulling me out of the house right now. I had the optometrist yesterday, and Thursday I have my pre-assessment at the hospital. I don’t know what to expect with that, but like… in my head I am not worried? Tell that to the adrenal glands, heh.



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