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Today has been an appropriately do nothing day. I’ve not even picked up my knitting; it’s all been gaming. Well, and I made -a- bracelet (as pictured on head). I also price dropped all the ‘normal’ child and adult bracelets in my store, so hopefully that will shift some stock. I’m getting a lot faster at making them, so it’s only fair to reflect that in the cost.

This is, in part, fuelled by the fact that next weekend is the next iteration of the craft fair I’ve been attending the last couple of months. I figure that if I nudge the prices down, I might be able to actually pay for my table. *chuckles* I’m also hoping that any fine stuff I bring will potentially do that, but we’ll see. There’s a real risk that if I do make any profit, that I’ll spend it while I’m there. I know there’s at least one person there who sells semi-precious gemstones, though I think they might be slightly too high in price to truly tempt me.

Beyond that, being grateful that I don’t feel as bad as I could/should. Littler was ill last night, and while Z carried most of that burden, I was up later than ideal being backup support. She’s feeling much better today thankfully, though we’re being careful in feeding and watering her to make sure everything stays down. So far so good.

*claps hands* Right, I should… something something.


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