Sure, Why Not

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Littler was feeling a bit brighter yesterday, but today says otherwise. She’s been limpetted against Z, though with a glimmer of her usual cheeky humour. I’m mentally prepared for her to be staying home from school tomorrow, but really — we’ll see how she feels in the morning.

The neighbours have been making banging noises all day, because today is moving day for them. We’ve not had a chance to say hi, and excited or not, we’re not going to go bother them. They’re busy. They’ll meet the rest of the fam soon enough, and it’s not like either set of us is going anywhere soon.

As for myself, I ended up making a handful of bracelets. The fair I’ve been exhibiting at is next weekend, and I have slightly elevated hopes of getting some sales this time. We’ll see. I’m taking a break from that to focus on finishing off the bow for the teddy, as I have been really rubbish about knitting all week. I guess this is why I don’t normally have multiple things on the go — kind of makes me not want to do any of them.

*wanders off*


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