Getting Stuff Done

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Today, I got two things off of my desk. I finally finished the last poppy from mumbledy months ago, and did the finishing touches on the bear. So that’s done, and I’m clearing my palate with a touch of cross-stitch. I don’t know how long that is going to hold my attention, but I feel better for making myself take a little break from knitting.

((of course, now I have to deal with the ramifications of the fact that I have no ability to do cross stitch that ends up neat on the back, which my brain apparently wants to fixate on right now ¬¬))



2 thoughts on “Getting Stuff Done

  1. Jane Williams

    Making cross stitch neat on the back is near-impossible unless it’s all one colour 🙁
    Ever tried blackwork? Holbein stitch in particular?

  2. Raeyn Post author

    I’ve not, no. I’m barely proficient in basic cross-stitching and haven’t moved into anything more complex yet. No idea if I ever will, since my desire to cross-stitch only rises like, once every couple of years. xD


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