War Zone

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So, all the beads I needed for my special project were in today… or so I thought. One set had holes too tiny to thread (and attempts to embiggen them broke the bead), while another set was a full millimetre bigger than what I ordered (and therefore not usable for said project). I’ve got some stuff on order, but I don’t know if it’s going to get here in time for me to display my goods this weekend. Sigh? Sigh. At least I can use the other beads for things, so not a real loss.

I had Littler home again today. She was well perky, eating all her lunch and wanting to go play outside and the lot. I had to point out that it was cold out, that she still had one helluva head cold, and that she needed to stay indoors. ‘Oh,’ she replied, before hopping back on the couch and finding other ways to amuse herself. Sorry kid, there’s weather out there, ha ha. She’ll be back tomorrow barring unforeseen circumstances, so that’ll be good for her.

Anyhoos, the kiddos are in bed, and Z is out at a meeting, so I am going to poke at beads and make frowny faces.


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