Just Cold

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There continues to be a dearth of snow, to my annoyance. But we do have sub-freezing temps and random patches of ice, so yay? Oh wait, not yay — Littler is good at taking herself out on every single one on the way to and from school. ¬¬ But at least she was at school today, so yay for that much.

Less yay was my utter lack of work-based focus, ha ha. I had hoped that her being out of my hair would make that perk up a bit, but nope. I was just sort of zoning out all day. I got the very basic unit of work done that I wanted/needed to, but like. I can only expect that my focus will be even worse tomorrow, because I’ve got stuff to think about for the antiques & craft fair on Saturday.

And with that, love y’all, sorry I missed y’all yesterday — I need to go make things.


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