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This photo is 500% me being a smart-ass. It is, of course, the inside of my phone case, one of my most photographed objects. This one happened to snap while I was getting my phone flipped to take a picture of me and the visiting friend. We had a lovely lunch, and a lovely visit. He ended up staying to watch the World Cup with us, so that was cool. I’m definitely peopl’d out for now, but man, it was worth it for both today and yesterday.

But yeah, it was nice. He got to meet the in-laws as a bonus. I like my in-laws; they’re charming and sweet people. Z’s mom almost had to bodily drag his dad out ’cause he kept wanting to chat… which is what he does, ha ha. Mum also made me smile because she couldn’t remember if they had met before. I don’t quite know why it made me smile, but it did. I guess because it means I’ve had enough visitors over the years that she can’t keep them straight? Something. *chuckles* I do feel lucky that I have had so many friends come and visit.

For now, I’mma take my meds, and curl up not using my brain. Dord!


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