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We are currently holed up at R’s house for belated 4th of July-ish celebrations. We are also kid-free, which is bliss. The kiddos are with their grandparents, which hopefully will go as smoothly as it did last time. So that’s nice. We all love each other, but I think that we all appreciate having opportunities to do something different/be somewhere different/etc.

Of course, one thing that I didn’t do differently was keep myself undizzy in the car, ha ha. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it was worse than it should have been at the same time. We were in enough traffic that Z put the Pokémon Go up on his phone, so I joined him in the hopes of getting a few steps closer to hatching an egg. I believe I will shove my phone firmly in my purse on the way back rather than risking making myself ill. I’d rather be focused on being pleasant, helping keep awake company for Z.

Beyond that, I’ve got a time confirmed for tomorrow on my friend coming to visit, and he’s amenable to my lunch proposal. So that’ll be nice. We’ve not seen each other since 2002, so it’ll be nice to be able to catch up in meatspace for a bit. Plus yanno, I like to show off my improved sanity and adorable family, so. xD

Right, back to exchanging the occasional word across the top of my laptop, and otherwise chilling.


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