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For my sins, I have never given any iteration of Sailor Moon a fair shake. I saw the first episode when I was a kid and didn’t know it was the first episode, so I was super put off by Usagi sitting down and crying until someone helped her. I should probably go back and watch it because it’s probably a classic for a reason. Why do I bring this up? Because this hair stick makes me think of the show, especially with its large opalescent ‘stone’. I love my new hair pretty.

Last night was a good night out. We had a new member join us and not run away screaming, which is always great. We also found out that one of our members is expecting next year, which is squee. I’m already chucking ideas around in my head for pressies to make the little one. Yeah okay, she can knit and crochet and will make things herself, but like… babies! Near me! Must spoil! I don’t know when or why I swung to this sort of ‘extreme’ squeeing, but oh well. *laughs*

Today has been… a day. I got caught up on work again and can take tomorrow off. The kids were kids. The sky opened in a massive way as pictured here, which was really nice. I’d gone into the kitchen to get some pictures out the back, and as that part of the house has a flat roof, the sound was intense. It’s cleared up for now, but we’re reputedly going to get more over the course of the evening. I don’t really care as long as it keeps the temperature pulled down enough for the humidity to not be miserable. As it’s fairly nice right now, that seems a reasonable expectation/hope.

The knitting continues apace. I’ve finished with the first ball of wool and moved on to the second as of last night. I’m all paranoid that I’m going to not have enough even though I bought extra. I even measured my torso to reassure myself that everything is more or less on track.

Past that, I’m thinking about trying to marshal some spoons to get the girls out of the house tomorrow. Even if it’s just taking them to McDonalds or Tesco for a little bit, I figure that Z would appreciate a little bit of time with everyone else out of the house. He’s still healing up — sloooowly. And if I’m not going to work tomorrow, I might as well do something useful, ha ha. We’ll see how it goes.



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