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Yes yes, I know, again with the terrible jokes. This is a section of my other, less used purse. I love it, but it needed surgery to be appropriately useful. Thankfully, said surgery was completed in the last couple of day, so I think I’ll switch my stuff over to it for a bit and let it be my primary. Why not.

Z is still fairly out of whack today, but he’s improving. The kiddos have mainly been awesome in giving him space, for which we are both grateful. He’s pretty sure that he’s going to be alright for handling bedtime on his own, but he knows that I’m happy to stay home and help if he needs it. Obvs, I’d prefer to not miss two Wednesdays in a row, but family first. I get more knitting done when I’m out with friends, but I’m just as happy in either locale.

I have some ideas for blog posts for my other blogs rolling around in my head… but oh, spoons, oh spoons. Ironically, one of the posts in mind was to expound on the whole executive dysfunction thing. I might just hunt around to see what I can find for Facebook sharing fodder and then go from there. Mainly, I’m just sort of glad that my brain is trying to think up things to think about. It hasn’t happened much lately due to fatigue and general malaise. I guess it’s a sign that I’m not pushing myself too hard while helping support Z, and slowly vaguely healing up. I mean, I’m effed regardless by dint of the chronic fatigue and it continuing to get worse with each passing year, but. *shrugs* Always gonna try to look on the bright side of it.

And speaking of bright side, dinner is almost done, so off to check on that.


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