It’s a Squee Sort of Day

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img_20160915_202121241I like getting mail. I think that most people like getting mail. I especially like getting mail that ended up costing something almost reasonable. Well. It’s sort of annoying that a bit of plastic cost us £20, but it was probably the best we were going to be able to get for a PokéWalker, and more so for it being from a game that came out six years ago. I still need to get my hands on a copy of SoulSilver to complete the set, but at least this is one step closer to having all the Pokémon games in the main series.

img_20160915_122504357I also, unexpectedly, received something from Texas — confirmation of my right to vote and assurance that ballots would be heading my way. The rules on what you have to do and what is valid seems to change every freaking year, especially as many states try to find ways to suppress voting. It used to be that you could request to have ballots sent, and it covered a period of four years and all available ballots. And then it changed to where you had to request one each year. How often you had to register to vote changed. And being abroad means wafting through a million different websites to make sure you’ve got the right information going to the right person. So yes, it’s nice to know that my right to vote isn’t getting screwed over. As long as I’m an American citizen, I’ve sort of got a duty to try and prevent things like Trump happening.


I got bored of trying to finish off my Legacy, so I decided to play through some Craft the World instead. It’s very addictive, and goes well with my knitting. I’ve still got a ways to go with that, but yanno, it’s coming.

Here, have some yarn + book ‘porn’

I put ‘porn’ in quotes because really, really… really… I dislike this whole making things ‘naughty’. I’m sure some people find it cute or fun, or don’t see any issues with it, but I do. It’s applying a moral filter to EVERYTHING, and morality often tends to be black and white when the world is actually in shades of gray. And while I can roll my eyes at that morality be applied to books or yarn or whatever, I really despise it when it comes to food. But then, yanno, all us fat people are supposed to feel bad about eating anything, so yanno, naughty us for having a bit of chocolate or something.

Anyways, stuff. Things. The only other thing I can think to mention is that I’ve not heard back on Twitter on trying to get the @bipolarbn account verified. No news is good news, I guess? I seriously don’t expect my request to be approved, but I’m happy that I made myself try for it.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Squee Sort of Day

  1. Doris

    hmm, I’d never connected porn as a description for other things as endowing it with morality. I’ve always read it as “things to lust over” if that makes sense?

    1. Raeyn Post author

      Oh, totally does. 🙂 I can recognise that, even if my head it’s lumped in the same ‘god get this over with’ basket as things like sins that exist in diet plans.


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