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img_20160914_115553324_hdrIt’s been sticky hot here again, so of course, Batman decides he’s a lap cat. As you can see from this picture earlier today, I am not amused, and he’s obviously Smug as Fuck™®. Sigh? Sigh. Don’t get me wrong — I love the idea of lap cats and getting cuddles. When it comes to Batman, however, he doesn’t lay all the way down and finds a way to make each paw into some sort of super-pressured spike right into my leggy chubmeats. At least he doesn’t stab me in the arm pit like he used to. He’d shove his face in nose-first to grind his scent over mine, and it was seriously, brutally painful. Ah well, life with cats, eh?

But also, life with kids. That’s what’s flawless, hee hee. Check out this adorable little critter:

img_20160914_142439585 img_20160914_142434724 img_20160914_142421536

I don’t really have much to say about her, except for lookit, she’s cute. Lookit, she’s cute. Well, and I prefer this to her trying to steal my jelly beans, or rifling through my purse. Yeah, I was apparently Satan incarnate for not wanting her to do those things. Oh well. *chuckles*


Grind Grind Grind

img_20160914_191833046Today has been doing all the work things, and doing all the Pokémon things. I’m nearing the end of Pearl, but am chilling out before the Elite Four grinding up levels. I’m probably going to end up overdoing it and being able to KO all their Pokémon… not going to complain if that happens, ha ha. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue on with Black/White on the back of it, but I probably should, and Black 2/White 2 as well. Yanno, having played through all the generations before the newest lands next month or something, hee hee. That will also depend on the weather — I’m doing more Pokémon right now because it’s squishy hot and that doesn’t make wool fun to work with. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of this little heat wave, so yanno, wish me luck that it’s so because meeeeelting, meeeeeelting.

Past that, I put the Twitter account for The Bipolar Blogger Network up for verification. I’m not going to lie — I fully expect to get rejected. But one of my friends just managed to get her Twitter account verified, so I figured it was worth a punt. Cross your fingers for me, I guess? If that takes, I might try my luck with The Scarlet B‘s Twitter account, but I seriously seriously seriously don’t think I could pull that one off (though I feel I have a brand-to-protect claim going on in a major way). Plus yanno, it’s a nice ego stroke. 😀


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