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By K.C. Green. Go look at the actual comic!

By K.C. Green. Go look at the actual comic!

But really, it’s hot here. It was, apparently, the hottest September day since 1911; it was the hottest since 1949 when I went out at 4pm, so make of that what you will. *chuckles* And the Brits… one of the things I was super at home with is that the Brits are as obsessed with taking about the weather as Texans are. In fact, Brits are surprised to find out anywhere else could be so weather-centric. I was indoors with the curtains closed and the fans on to max, so it was mainly tolerable.


Selfie Therapy (also known as ‘I am so cute’)

img_20160913_174719394_hdr img_20160913_103437960

My generation sits at an awkward place when it comes to social media. We grew up online, many of us, so we are comfortable long-term denizens of the internet. But the technology grows and changes, and the derided ‘cam girls’ of the nineties and naughties noughties are matched and exceeded by the selfie culture of the age. ‘How narcissistic!’, some claim, but really? It’s not. ESPECIALLY when it comes to women. We’re told that we have to exist in a very narrow spectrum of attractiveness, and that anything else is wrong. So being able to take a picture of yourself,  and looking at it and going ‘good I am fucking adorable’ is a patriarchy-smashing revolution. I took both of these pictures today. Yes, I’m cuddling a honeydew melon. In the other one, I’m highlighting my main point of vanity — my hair. So what if my forehead has wrinkles. I’m in my mid 30s, this sort of shit’s gonna happen. I love my face as it is even as I sit preening at showing off my hair. I emphatically do not care if anyone else agrees, because I am doing it for me. I am standing up against a system that tells me I am wrong or not enough and saying, pfft, screw you, I don’t care. Nyah nyah, soooo not playing the game. I win by doing my own thing, as do so many of my friends who embrace their self-love.


Mail Call

Outgoing andincoming

Outgoing, and incoming; I do love mail. That on the left is, as y’all know, the stuff going out for ‘Boss’, my sister’s child-to-be. I made sure to lovingly tease-taunt her about it, and point her towards Instagram if she hasn’t looked at stuff already. I think it’s fair to say she is looking forward to her goodies, hee hee. And on the right, the oh so glamorous world of crafting — more snap fasteners. I honestly never thought there would be a time in my life when I would have to deal with those. After all, I can’t sew for the freaking life of me. Sewing up knitting is different, ’cause like, yarn and specific holes and it makes sense. Sewing-sewing… I can’t follow a straight line with a machine if I drew it in advance (true story, bro).


As for knitting, I’m making good progress along the top. Which is to say, I’m up another 5 or 6 rows from last night, ha ha. I had work-work to do today, so I haven’t had as much knitting time. But as said, it’s big needles, so it knits up pretty quickly and is rather satisfying. I’m hoping that I can continue to ride on that get it done sooner rather than later. Yes yes, I probably said something similar yesterday or the day before, but I’ve got to keep nudging myself along, ’cause stubborn. I’m all about stubborn; my childhood hero was Meg Murry, and there is none more stubborn than she. Some would say stubbornness is a fault, but, and I quote, ‘I give you your faults’. I think an important part of self-love is recognising you can make good on even the ‘bad’ things and that it can contribute to making one a stronger, healthier, more self-aware person.

Or something. Yup, here comes the cat again.



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