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img_20160912_120257587Myself and the littlest have been having a rough time of it today. I think she’s cutting a molar, and me? I’ve just been dealing with dizziness and fogginess and am not really sure what the deal is. But then, what have I been complaining of for days? Yeeeh..

img_20160912_201735440Still, I did one good thing for myself — I dragged my corpse into the bath. I would not have wanted to be upwind of myself today… or yesterday… or the day before that… you get the idea. The final straw was when I went to rub my face, and I rubbed off a chunk of skin. Whups. But that’s the chronic fatigue/cripple life, my friends — managing bathing is srs bsns.

Still, I made the most of my ‘day off’. I’m working on finishing the final generation in my languishing Sims 3 Legacy. I’ve ‘won’ once before; the main thing that stops me from finishing them is the glitchy-ass nature of Sims 3 itself. But I am pleased that I’m several points ahead of the last one I completed, so that’s pleasing. I don’t know whether I am still going to be feeling the Sims vibe once I’m done with this… but we’ll see. I think it will. Just like I’m still apparently on the Pokémon thing.

img_20160912_201712700_hdrAnd of course, the knitting. I declared the back piece of the shirt done and started on the front… 5 rows done, and another 63 to go. On the first part of it. It’s surprisingly pleasing knitting, in spite of the fact that it’s 2×2 rib on big needles. As satisfying as chunky knits are for their speed, I still feel like I’m flailing around and everything is too loosy goosy. But naw, it’s fine. And hopefully the whole size thing means I’ll get through it fairly quickly. We’ll see.

What else, what else. Oh, apparently, had several things of interest regarding narcissists and abusers pop up on my Facebook feed today from friends, so I thought I’d share them here.


The Secret Language of Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths: How Abusers Manipulate and Traumatize Their Victims

*points up* I haven’t read this one yet, so I can’t really give anything more about it yet.

‘The day I realised I was an emotional abuser – but can I change?’

This post is simply great, and covers very clearly what the querent should do to to stop his abusive behaviour. I hope he takes it seriously, just like I hope that my parents will actually respect my decision to cut them out of my life and never contact me again. I wish them well if they can manage that. As it were, even having had a few years between then and now, I’m STILL processing out feelings and bad behaviours, and still have a lot of fear and worries that crop up because of it. I spent most of my life being the victim and having to cater to their feelings above my own, so it takes long periods of safety.

Anyways. Tired.



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