Boys Boys Boys

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A picture from a few days ago, of Raven and Halo. Halo, who is only nine months old, and definitely bigger than brothers a good 10 months older. I tell him he’s an absolute unit, and he just continues to peaceably cat onward. Good lad.

It’s been a pretty decent day all told. I forgot to take my meds at the right time last night and ended up ignoring my alarm this morning, so was a bit late off the mark. But I got work done, and attended a co-op meeting about social media and moderation. Things are getting to the point where volunteers can be brought in to help out, and of course, to earn points towards their memberships. I think that most of us want to help for the sake of helping, and points are a nice bonus.

For now, back to my blanket. I’ve got less than 100 stitches remaining on the cable, so an end is finally sort of in sight.


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