Long Stare

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I decided on a whim in the last couple of days that I am going to hold a sale in my shop next month… and I went about it in the longest way possible. I think that next time I do a sale, I’ll just create a coupon and post it on the front page, rather than hand-edit every single listing. I thought about it about 7/8ths through my task this time, so never mind undoing it all.

Of course, there’s other things I want to do with the store. I want to see about making the listings better SEO wise, though I need more caffeine in me first. I want to clean up some of the most recent round of pictures; I think I can whiten them up more without affecting the actual product. That can wait a wee bit ’cause I have another batch of stitch markers that need to be photographed, and a few more sets to make. My most recent bead order came in today, and it does a great job ticking a few of the colour/shade boxes I needed help with.

Anyways, fun fun. 😀


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